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Courier Service

PASSFIELD COURIERS offer a pre-booked service courier service.

We have found over the years of trading that by offering a pre-booked service we can significantly reduce the costs for our services and we pass that saving onto you.

Our customers have liked that we will save them money on such an expensive part of the business.

Contract Work Peterborough Couriers Local Delivery
Contract Work

We also offer you a regular CONTRACT SERVICE. We do everything the same as our pre-booked service but on a regular basis. Options include: Daily, Weekly and Monthly contracts.

On agreement of a contract service, we will provided you a courier everytime it has been agreed regardless of any other work. And this service is completely dedicated, no other customers goods will be onboard.


Local Delivery Peterborough Couriers


We have over the years had some very strange requests for our services. We therefore offer our SPECIALS service. We can collect large items such as motor bike, furniture and much more...

Items are collected with no hassle or fuss and we remain professional at all time.